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Company "East Way" was founded April 25, 2006 as a small enterprise to export reindeer antlers. Since then we have not ceased to evolve, always remembering that our priorities - professionalism, integrity, and create a strong relationship of trust. Today, our company is growing in several directions.

Reindeer horn

Starting blank reindeer antlers from 2006, the company immediately began to develop a new area of ​ business for Russia. From the very beginning we wanted to embrace all of the region's caribou habitat, in particular regions of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. At present, we are a leading company on purchasing antlers of reindeer. The potential of our experience and production can buy raw materials in any number of the most remote parts of Russia. Company "East Way" from 2011 has been breeding reindeer. Planned number of reindeer population in 2013 was 10 000, which will greatly enhance the quality and quantity of export reindeer antlers. The annual volume of hairy reindeer antlers up to 20% of the total. For comparison of competitors offer only 10% of comparable quality. What do the reports of Asian prints. Pant harvesting caribou allocated a separate company structure. Harvesting season lasts from May to July. The company buys all sorts of deer antlers, which makes working with us the most flexibility for partners. We have made significant strides in the field of drying reindeer antlers and preparation for export. We created four drying chambers that best prepare materials for transportation to the importing countries. This advantage also allows you to buy any quality deer antler drying (raw horns, poor drying, mold). Currently being developed to create a mini kilns to prepare for the transportation of the "problem" of raw materials from remote parts of Russia in the city of Omsk. Our company also has regular contact with key Asian partners, so that cooperation with "East Way" is not seasonal in nature and carried out throughout the year.

Mammoth Tusks

Starting in 2011, the company is actively harvesting ivory. At the moment, we can offer all kinds of mammoth tusks. The main seat of ivory are the areas north of Russia. This product has a uniqueness that is the bone structure and age, which certainly gives confidence to purchase this product. Which is unique millennia.

Elk horn

Harvesting of elk antler is a new trend in the company's "East Way" last year. Today, we offer customers an elk horn highest quality. Today we harvestable moose horn solid horns. Examples of products you can see in the gallery. This direction was chosen for stocking based on the unique decorative horns Lozano. People want to decorate your home can simply contact us and we will offer the best conditions for long-term cooperation.

Products of animal origin

The same campaign is blank “kamus” reindeer, reindeer tendons and other products of animal origin. We are ready to cooperate and look forward to new partners in any part of WORLD. Cooperation with us will allow you to make a profit as quickly as possible on solid partnerships with long term cooperation!